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Hello Universe 👋


Back in 2018, we started making our first game together. That game, now called Toko Roko is now our main focus. You can read more about it in our post or follow along live at Twitch.tv/RatRaceStudio.

michael and luke

Outside of Toko Roko, we've challeneged oursevles to compete in a few game jams. The first being the Cozy Autumn Game Jam 2023 where we made Pack Rat. and the second being the 1-Bit Game Jam where we made Prism Quest. We never could have imagined how much we would learn from these experiences. Not only did we create two games we're really proud of, but we also learned a lot about game design, development, and each other.

With Luke's background in art and work in advertising plus Michael's programming knowledge and work at multiple tech startups, we make a pretty great team. We're excited to see where this journey takes us and we're glad you're here to follow along. Join us on Twitch or follow along here. Until next time, happy game dev! 🎮👾🚀