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Prism Quest

A kaizo inspired platformer

The story of Prism Quest

After quiting our full-time jobs to try this whole game dev thing, Luke and I decided it might be best to participate in another game jam. It had been 6 months since our last jam and we hadn't had time to work on Toko Roko either. In order to get our design and development muscles moving again we found a jam that would both challenge us and allow us to get back into the Toko Roko mindset. That jam, was the 1-Bit Game Jam hosted by [TK].

The theme of the jam was "transformation" and we had 2 weeks to make a game. We wanted to make something that was challenging, fun, and could be completed in the time frame. A platformer seemed like a good place to start since that would get us in the headspace of working on Toko Roko again once we were done. Not to mention we would learn a lot in the process. Michael had been working on a rebuild of the Toko Roko platforming framework (the foundation of the game). This includes all of the collision detection logic, a state machine for the player, a simple camera and a few other goodies.

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Waving slime

Meet our protagonist, "Slimey". A slime who has the ability to transform the color of the world around them. This ability is the key to solving the platforming puzzles and challenges that await them in the world of Prism Quest.